The GPS is a partnership between QED: internationally known as the go-to accreditation experts, and RimaOne, a leading IT provider in the academic sphere: The team draws upon unique strengths in different fields and is a testament to the belief that “proven experience counts”.

Why The Business School GPS?

Diagnosing a business school’s real needs take up the bulk of our time as accreditation consultants. So, in 2014 we started developing an in-depth diagnosis survey. The lightbulb moment hit. We could help thousands of schools at a fraction of the cost.

We have now developed technology that not only enhances the efficacy of diagnosis but also very significantly reduces the costs and time to clients.

The GPS fuses our mature accreditation expertise with the advantages of up-to-date technology to give leaders exactly what they need. We value education and our impact is growing with each new school we assist. Fostering excellence in management, ultimately, is about impacting the students.

Our Partners

The GPS has been developed by a partnership between the Accreditation Experts (Dublin) and RimaONE (Grenoble).

QED: The Accreditation Experts, for 20 years have helped business schools all over the world to achieve accreditation.  Our role is straightforward.  We make it easier.


RimaOne lead the field in designing IT solutions to optimise and streamline the management of business schools.  Bringing our technical skills to The Business School GPS has been an exciting and valuable experience.


The GPS is an invaluable tool for the leaders of business schools. With the GPS you'll have exactly what you need to make smart decisions quickly and decisively.

Thierry GrangePresident of the Strategic Board, Grenoble Ecole de Management, France



Owner and Founder of the Entrepreneurs Academy and QED Accreditation Advisors. Board member of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and Council Member of Dublin Chamber. Board Member of BizWorld and an Advisory Board Member of the University of Hertfordshire Business School as well as a number of start-ups. A government advisor and advocate for the SME sector. A frequent keynote speaker, Joanne is co-author of the #1 best selling “Don’t Get A Job, Build A Business” and a recognised media commentator.


QED Accreditation is a team of advisors that consult with the top business schools in the world. Leading the QED Accreditation Advisors team, David Hession is a qualified solicitor who trained with Ireland’s largest commercial law firm, McCann FitzGerald and with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dublin; ran his own creative photography business; and has significant experience in the publishing sector.


Benjamin is CEO of RimaOne with more than 10 years of experience, including 5 in higher education.

He specialized in the past ten years, in process automation in many different sectors. Deriving the benefits of these experiences ,Benjamin applied those methods for higher education institutions in order to automatize the collection and updating of all the variable data required to assess and manage quality of Learning and Research through many different statistical reporting for all purposes, internal as well as external. (Accreditations, rankings, surveys …).

Since 2012 and the creation of ACADEM, he assists and follows the implementation of the quality and accreditation processes within Western higher education institutions

His experience in Customer support with more than 30 projects follow up has given him an extensive vision of the problematic facing higher education.